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Clean Room Painting Services
Water based epoxy cleanroom paint is ideally suited for applications where a durable, stain resistant finish is required. It is highly recommended for indoor applications in cleanrooms, hospitals and other institutions. White is the most common color provided but colors are also available.

Why you should choose Stamford Painters for your next paint job

A great quality paint job will last for years. Thus, it is imperative that owners only engage professional painters, like Stamford Painters, for their homes.

Our licensed & professional painters have years of experience painting everything, including interior, house exteriors, and newly constructed or renovated house. Your personal team of painters will handle your painting project from end to end - from setup to cleanup.

Stamford Painters certified and licensed professional commercial painting contractors

Speedy quotes available in 1-5 business days

100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure you’re happy with the work

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