Plastering Services
Home Partitions
Starts at $3 per foot run

The fire rating for the board is about 1 hour which satisfies the fire safety requirement for residential buildings. 

Despite the “heavy duty” label, the drywalls are lightweight (about 10-15% the weight of conventional brickwalls); allowing designers to adopt lighter structures, which results in savings in foundations cost. 

The drywall system is slimmer than conventional brickwalls, thus creating more usable space for the rooms. 

Office Partitions

Starts at $3 Per foot run

It’s easy to install and maintain drywall. Compared to other walls, you do not need a lot of manpower to install the drywalls. This really saves on your finances. Due to the ease to maintain aspect, you can always be sure that it will not need a lot of intervention to keep the drywall in check.

For you, this can be the ultimate wall type to use in the making of a great interior design of your office.

Partition walls can separate off any areas in the home or work environment but it is important to make sure you select the right tools for the job. By hiring Stamford Painters to complete the work, you are ensuring the installation of your drywall partition will include only the best materials sourced for your needs.

The constant improvement in performance for plasterboard to suit the use in residential projects has ensured that such wall system now meets high level specifications in the areas of acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and resistance to fire and damp conditions. 

Besides meeting statutory functional requirements such as fire ratings, the heavy duty drywalls are able to resist high impact and support loads such as televisions and cabinets. 

Performance-wise, the system is suitable for severe duty usage, having passed the strength and robustness tests such as: Stiffness, Door Slam, Impact, Heavyweight